How To Unclog Blocked Drains

Plumbing follows the simple rules of gravity and water pressure. A system of plumbing in households and industrial settings consists of two types of water systems. One is the system that brings in clean water while the other one is the one that takes the waste water out of the house. Although there hardly is a problem in the system that brings in fresh water, the waste water that goes out usually presents the problem of blocked drains Geelong. This problem will not only cause the water to drain out slowly, but also creates a variety of other health issues as well. That is why it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. If it not dealt with in time, the problem is only going to get more serious. There are a number of reasons for blocked drains. Some of those and their remedies are explained below. 

Drains blocked due to hair:

One of the main reasons for blocked drains Geelong in a number of household is the build-up of hair inside the drain. Sometimes the hair can be removed easily but if the build-up continues, it can create a number of serious issues that will need more careful and detailed cleaning. A simple way to clear out any hair from drain is to use a glove on the hand and then pull the hair out manually. But if that is not possible, never ever go for using unblocking chemicals. They are commonly known to only make the problem worse. Therefore, you can use an unblocking spider and pull the hair out with that. If that fails to solve the problem as well, then it is about time to contact a professional plumber so that you can avoid the problem from becoming more severe and long term.

Apart from hair build-up, there are also a large number of issues. Some of them are explained below:

Blocking due to plants and soil

This problem mainly occurs in the pipes that are in the garden. Leaves of trees and other plants, in addition to roots can cause the drains to be blocked after spring or autumn. In order to get rid of the issue, always use nets on the outlets of drains. Keep the garden clear on any leaves or other plant debris.

Blocking due to grease

This problem is very common in kitchen due to the grease that is formed due to fatty tissues. Avoid washing down the oils and fatty tissues in the drains. Instead, collect them in jars and discard along with the garbage.

Blocking due to heavy rain

Another main problem is blocking of drains after rainfall. It is not actually called blocking but is instead called flooding. Therefore, make sure to clear all drains during the rainy season from leaves etc.