How Can You Organize An Unattended Cremation?

Sometimes when a loved one is passed away at a place where they have been living all by themselves and they pass over and it is not possible for their loved ones to come to organize their funerals then the unattended funeral or unattended cremation in Melbourne is done in order to put the deceased to their final resting place. The unattended cremation could be done simply by over the phone. This kind of the cremation is not attended by any member of the family and the cremation takes place in the crematorium. Although when the cremation is being one, the family could plan a memorial for the deceased at the place and at a time where it is possible for all of the family to gather. Sometimes the cremains of the deceased is mailed to the loved ones if they want and they could have it on the memorial.

How does it work?

The procedure of the unattended cremation is simple and in this the deceased is taken from the place of the death that could either be a hospital or a home to the crematorium where the body is kept and tagged among other bodies. Then the preparation is started in which the experts of the cremation cremate the body and this whole process is two to three hours long for one body. Then once the body is fully been cremated then its ashes which are called the cremains are gathered separately and sent to the loved one who has arranged the unattended cremation.

The cost of the unattended cremation:

The price depends on the area in which the deceased is cremated but this price is significantly less than the attended cremation of the burial. In order to know the exact price, you will have to contact the crematories of the respected area.

Why to have an unattended cremation?

It could solely be the choice of the family how to do the cremation if and only if the deceased has not left any kind of special instructions in the will but there could be number of the reasons why you would settle for the unattended cremation, perhaps you were too far away from the place of the death and it would not have been possible to come on time and therefore, you had to settle for this. Or that there is not much of the family present with the deceased and there is only person then in this case, the unattended cremation is the good option because there is no point in placing the dead body at home when there is no one to look at it. Apart from this, some people know or have said before their demise that they want to have the cremation in this way and you want to respect their choice. Visit Carlyle Family Funerals to find out more details.