Count On Moments For Life


Who else not dream of a big house with loved family? Every one of us, right? All our life we love to go here and there searching for love and finding for the options where we can meet the lives of our life and start a new happy family. If you are lucky and finds the love meanwhile starting a family and giving birth to your child then here we come. You might be overwhelmed with the whole experience of parenthood and if you are lucky to have a child as in baby girl or baby boy then you might look for professional baby photoshoot in melbourne.  But amidst this pandemic who is the right and affordable option that is not heavy on pocket? If yes then we are going to introduce you with Katelee Photography. It is an option that is based on the business run and owned by young professionals. These people are your good to go for affordable new born photography.

Why to take us?

We are the one who behold team of fully vaccinated people. Thus if you are inviting us at your place it means that having a team that is fully vaccinated for the upkeep and proper baby photoshoot.  A safer option in Australia, Sydney and suburbs. 

You can suggested communicate about your ideas but we will also show you our best takes. With the collective effort here we come to present the best model that we can for you. We are offering affordable new born photography packages that includes sending a team at your place and while following the SOPs and in the meanwhile performing all the activities that are needed. We are never heavy on your pocket and all the shorts are super cool and best to deal.

Why not today?

Are you waiting for perfect baby moments to cherish and taking a while to decide what to go and where to opt for? We are here for you with all the sticking and striking ideas plus the right props for making this photoshoot one of the best. We are always available on your call for baby photoshoot.  Still it is advised to talk prior setting any of the meeting. We are here to talk about all the matters and will take good care of it. You can make an appointment with us and we are not the one who screw our chances. We believe in offering the best.


Meanwhile you are booking us for baby photoshoot go through our recommended section and read the feedback of people about us they always have postie things to say about us. We live to become the part of affordable new born photography team who adds more best moments into your life.For more information visit our website