A Healthy Lifestyle Through Handmade Catering

Hygiene being our First Priority:

Keeping the health of our present as well as a potential customer it is very important to mainly focus the hygienic food manufacturing practices. Providing a clean environment for food manufacturing is good for people working inside the company as well as the customers eating the food. Clean food leads to a clean and healthy environment. Our hygiene policies for people manufacturing food are very strict as they need to clean themselves first before good for the food manufacturing process. 

Street food these days is very common and loved by the customers. Most of the street food is handmade, so we are working on the same idea but a large base by providing wholesaling of food on their doorstep. Being a wholesale food suppliers in melbourne is not easy as being a handmade street food seller because there are a couple of drawbacks to this such as the delivery of soggy food, unhygienic environment on the way, and different customer complaints due to any reason, our policies, practices, and procedures are strict while working as a wholesale food supplier and there is no compromise on the hygiene of the food be it getting directly from us or through our food distributors. 

Handmade catering is common these days as a lot of people who have started a business like this in their homes and running it but being a wholesale food supplier along with the handmade catering factor in it, it is challenging for us to run everything smoothly and on time but due to a supportive team at the back end and cooperative food distributors it gets easier for us to run our business smoothly.

Wholesaling for huge orders:

Working on a large scale means getting huge orders daily so wholesaling of those get more challenging as they are huge in quality which requires more safety and more hygiene precaution, but despite all the challenges we are working on our full pace and providing our customers with the best possible handmade catering on their doorsteps.

Working as handmade food manufacturer as well as food suppliers:

Food catering requires multiple tasking such as serving as a handmade food manufacturer as well as a food supplier or a wholesale food supplier. A lot of people are running this business on small scale through the possible resources they have, but it is not that easy for a company to run this business on a large scale as it requires more responsibility of food safety and hygiene, less time, and without any damage. Despite all the drawbacks we have managed to serve the people by faith people have in us throughout our journey.