3 Initial Steps To Consider When Organizing A Farewell

You can hold a farewell for many occasions. It is a great way to say goodbye to a colleague, friend or a love one who has been around you. Mostly, farewell parties are thrown when someone leaves the workplace, country or is leaving to start a new chapter in their life in any capacity. The planning process from setting up to inviting and honoring the guest will be up to the main organizers of the event. It is best to get your friends and family to get involved so that you don’t have to handle it all on your own. Here are a few steps to follow as guidance.

Picking a theme

It is great to use a theme when planning for such an event as this will help you decide on what type of decorations, food and other specifics you would like to base your event around. For a farewell its best to use a theme that typically highlights the next path of the guest’s journey or any theme to honor him or her. Unlike a corporate Christmas party Melbourne, a farewell has flexible planning and different ideas can be incorporated for example, if your guest is moving abroad, “a bon voyage” theme is ideal with décor reflecting travel and exploration.

Venue, date and invitations

Location is one of the most important factors when hosting an event and must also match with the theme. While there are EOFY party venues Melbourne and many other places such as hotels, restaurants and banquet halls to host your event in, the location should ideally be a place where it is accessible easily to all your guests and a place that is easy. It is also great to host a farewell at home if it is for a family member especially.

Once you decide on the location and date, you can send the invitation cards and giving your guests typically a notice of 2 weeks is appropriate while higher notice period serves no harm. When sending out invitations, don’t forget to keep your guest of honor’s tastes and preferences in mind. A smaller budget will call for an intimate list of guests while a larger party will need a larger budget.

Contributions for a gift

Although, the party is for the guest of honor, it is important to hand over a gift to remember this time. A gift that has some sentimental value to the guest whether it is a family member or a work colleague will send them off with happy and lasting memories.