Limousines For Weddings

Weddings are one of the most unique events in a couple’s life. A small fortune is spent on the festivities. Months go into organising the occasion to make it memorable for all the right reasons. Tremendous thought goes into every detail so the bride and groom can experience being treated like royalty, for their special day.

The minute that the bride arrives at the ceremony, the gala gets underway. How she arrives, is equally as important as every other detail. One of the more popular trends is to have the bride arrive, surrounded by her best friends in a stretch limousine. Whether it be a stretch Hummer, Dodge, 300c Chrysler, Ferrari or Jaguar, wedding limousine hire is a practical and luxurious transport option. They are available in all capital cities around Australia, with some areas having more competition than others. For example, limo hire in Adelaide can be chosen from over 150 companies, while Adelaide has considerably less. More competition can equal better deals for consumers, therefore it pays to shop around.

It is difficult to find a price guide online as each event is different. The best option is to make an online inquiry or call the company directly. Wedding limousine hire is somewhat different from hiring for other occasions. Wedding packages usually provide red carpet service with white ribbons on the vehicle, a uniformed chauffeur, champagne, refreshments and tyre covers for protecting the dress. Travelling time can vary depending on the location of the ceremony, photos and reception. Some limos can even come back after the celebration is complete and take the couple to their hotel.

Many modern weddings have guests come to the hotel for an after party event. Rather than doing this, an extra hour or two limo hire maybe preferable for bus for sale in Sydney to take full advantage of the evening. Many vehicles have quality sound systems, karaoke, a stocked bar and spectacular lighting, to keep the party going or while special guests or the wedding party are driven home safely. It would certainly be a spectacular conclusion to the modern wedding.

Companies can tailor a package to suit any wedding and will quote accordingly. It is worthwhile to have a plan of the day and what is required, prior to calling about transport, to make the process easier. If there is uncertainty about which company or vehicle to use, get some friends together and hire a stretch hummer or 300c Chrysler to select the right choice for the wedding. Some limos can seat up to 24, so sharing the expense can reduce the cost. Companies may be willing to offer a discount if they understand that the group is hiring to decide on a car or company to use for an upcoming wedding. The company that is the most helpful on the trial occasion will probably be the optimum choice for the wedding day.