What Can You Do To Keep Your Eyes Healthy?

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the luxury of a crystal clear sense of vision throughout their life? The answer is NOONNE! However, the same proportion of people do not engage in the right set of practices that has been recommended by the professionals, in a productive and regular manner. As a result, each year, in US alone, a staggering 20 million people suffer from severe loos of vision. While most eye defects are treatable, there can be cases that have grown out of proportion, which makes the defect incurable. Therefore it is a must for us to know what we should and shouldn’t do with regard to our eye health. Below are a few things you can do to keep your eyes healthy.

Always updated
Cataracts, glaucoma and muscular depression can occur at any time and it wouldn’t take long for these diseases to engulf your eye resulting in impaired vision. All these can be treated and cured if detected at the right time. But, if by the time you notice the impairment it is too late, even permanent vision loss can occur. Get an http://www.brendamilneroptometrist.com/service.html done regularly and be informed about what you must do to overcome any potentially dangerous conditions.

Ask the Pro
Make it a habit to visit your professional eye care provider regularly. As a family, if you know you have an ancestral history of eye diseases or conditions, then keep your children under constant surveillance to ensure their eye safety. Pay a visit to your optometrist Parramatta at least once every month and get a comprehensive eye examination done. When given prescriptions or asked to conduct certain eye care practices, be sure to do them effectively and correctly. If your spectacles aren’t as comfortable to your eyes as they used to be, it could mean that the lens is not aligned properly to the center. Seek the help of an optician to correct this issue or opt for contact lenses which are a more convenient way of attaining proper vision.

Say no to smoking
A cigarette contains a countless number of elements that cause nothing but trouble to the entire body as a whole and it can cause some significant damages to human eyes. While the link between tobacco consumption and development of cancer and cataracts is well known, what most people don’t know is the impact tobacco can have on your muscles. As we age, out muscles become victim to a condition known as age-related muscle degradation (AMD). Since the eye ball movement depends entirely on the connective muscles that anchor it to the skull, muscle degradation will cause lagging of eyes and even permanent loss of sight. Get rid of the habit because more than just your teeth, mouth and lungs are at risk.

Protective gear
Eye is an extremely delicate organ with a soft outer covering, easily prone to many forms of injuries. An injury to the eye can be serious and treatments will be both expensive and prolonged. Prevention being better than cure, one must equip him/herself with the right gear to protect their eyes from all possible dangers. When working with chemicals, sharp objects, extreme temperatures or even when engaging in certain sports activities, wear the proper protective equipment and keep your eyes safe. For more information, please click here.eye-treatment