Rules That All Good Pilots Must Always Follow

When we were kids, most of us would have had a dream of flying around the world like a free spirited bird, but only a handful of us make it a reality by making sure they become pilots! Pilots are the closest people to fly, or as close at it can get! Due to how hard being a pilot is, it is not an easy task to become one. It will take years of understanding theories and years of professional training to finally be able to handle an aircraft on your own with no help whatsoever. However, once you get hold of that craft finally and start your career as a professional pilot, then you feel it was worth studying all those years for! Even after you become a pilot, this does not mean you will be perfect at your job. You will always have room for improvement! So here are some simple rules that you can follow to better yourself as a good pilot.

Navigate and communicate

Studies have shown that most of the time pilots encounter a problem, they often tend to easily ignore the instructions coming through their convenient aircraft headsets and they focus more on solving the said issue rather than focusing on flying the plane, which leads to the plane crashing most of the time. What professionals tell young pilots to do is that when there is an issue with the plane, rather than focusing solely on that issue focus on flying the plane correctly and navigating, and then once the situation is under control make sure to communicate with the other side for help if needed.

Backup plans

This is something that most pilots are taught to do! In case something does go wrong with the leading plane equipment, make sure you always have a plan to act on. Even if this means your aviation headset is broken or if you might run out of fuel, make sure you always have extra at hand so you can use it whenever you need to. Try to never back yourself in to an extremely tight corner which will make it harder for you to get out of.

Avoid clouds

It is true that pilots are given a training on how to handle thunderstorms, raining clouds and everything that relates to weather, but this does not mean that flying through clouds is risk free. It turns out to be risky most of the time because you cannot see other flights that are around you, you cannot see towers or even mountains either. So make sure you stay out of clouds!