How To Make Your Office Greener

In today’s business world, profitability is not the only factor which determines an organization’s success. Sustainable operation is a must if a firm intends to impress its stakeholders, attract more investors and keep its employees satisfied. To be sustainable is to have a positive impact on the natural environment and treat all human resources inside and outside the organization in the proper manner while making the intended level of profits. However, most enterprises fail to comprehend the value of becoming greener to minimize the impact on nature, although it’s crucial for its sustainability. Here are a few steps you can follow to enhance the sustainability of your company through a green office complex.

Smart temperature regulation

Maintaining the right temperature within the office is a must if you want your employees to perform at their best and this will often require large capital investments for the installation of A/Cs and the ever growing variable costs related to electricity bills. Instead of depending too much on this appliances, invest on converting your roof into a green roof which will reflect most of the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it and passing it into the internal environment. Energy efficient windows are another intelligent way of keeping the temperature inside constant by controlling the inflow of heat.

Minimize energy wastage

If an organization doesn’t incorporate technology and automation to its office environment, it will have a hard time accepting their objectives in a timely manner. However, it is important to ensure that necessary steps are taken to minimize wastage of energy by these appliances. Equipping your office lighting system and the A/C with motion sensors will definitely bring the electricity bill down. Also, instruct the employees to always close the glass sliding doors or windows that open to the outside environment in order to prevent the over usage of the air conditioner machines. View more by visiting

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

These 3 R’s are a must for a sustainable office. To reduce is to make wise choices when purchasing materials required for the organization’s activities and utilize only the required amount of the purchased materials. Disposable plastic cups, paper plates and plastic water bottles accounted for the highest plastic waste proportion in Australian companies during the year 2017. Replace these with reusable versions and whenever possible use both sides of the paper instead of just one to cut down the carbon footprint and costs associated with paper usage by half. Practice the green habit of recycling with the help of signage and colour-coded recycling bins made available throughout the office premises.