Dealing With Bullying Within The Workplace

Workplace bullying is extremely common place. In fact in almost every office a young employee is almost guaranteed to experience bullying of some form or the other at some point in their career. In the most common scenario, a young person will have to deal with bullying from seniors and people who have been working within the organization for a longer period of time than they have because of the need for mediators Sydneyat interMEDIATE Dispute Management dominance in the human race. Some of the different forms of bullying that are very common within the workplace are forms of backstabbing scenarios where senior employees will carry false stories to seniors about employees personal and confidential issues that they may have come across or where employees that are in competition with other employees will do deliberate things to derail the other person’s chance of getting the biggest the promotion above their colleagues. While these are the most common forms of bullying and conflict some of the other forms of bullying that employees experience are racism, classism, sexism and other discrimination based on their beliefs.

Standing up for yourself

The sad fact is that most young people will usually put up with everything that they have to deal with in order to stay at their job because they are desperate for the money and the salary at the end of the month in order to pay for their most basic needs. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that by law discrimination is not allowed and therefore standing up for yourself in the face of bullying should not be allowed in any form and standing up to bullying will not result in you losing your job and therefore your income. In some cases company owners will have seminars and training sessions in workplace conflict resolution training in order to help employees deal with bullying and discrimination.

Sometimes these conflicts may occur not as a result of direct bullying but simply because the people working within a team at the office are simply too different from each other. This is where mediators come in to play.

It can be difficult for two people who have been brought up in completely different and opposing lifestyles to have to sit together and agree up on things and work within a team. Having been brought up with different backgrounds and under different belief systems means that these people working within the team will make different decisions which will usually be opposing decisions and it can sometimes be difficult for people to work within a tight team when this occurs.