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Football is undoubtedly one of the most loved sport. People are crazy about this sport and direly support their favourite team. Both of the teams constitute of eleven players each excluding the goal keeper. However; the number of essential players is seven. Football is one of the few such sports which is played on an international as well as national level. It has huge fan base internationally as well as nationally. It is not just a sport but also a way to learn different things about life like dedication, will power, ability to withstand the defeat and victory with the same dignity and so much more. There are more than about one hundred and ninety five countries in this world and among them most of the countries have their national and international players of football. The football league which is played on a national level comprises of national teams and have the fan base limited to a particular country. Australia, too has its very own football league constituting of multiple numbers of teams. In this article, we will be discussing about one such team specifically which is known as bombers AFL merchandise.

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AFL is basically the abbreviation used for the full form of Australian football league. This league consists of different teams that come opposite each other in the football team from all over the Australia. These teams include Richmond football club who are also known as yellow and black tigers.  Then there is Sydney swans that was established in South Melbourne and also goes by the name of the bloods because of their fierceattitude. These teams have their own mottos like never give up, not only inspire your team members but also the team members of the opposing team and so on.

Bombers AFL merchandise:

Bombers is one of the most loved and appreciated team in the soil of Australia and ultimately in Australian football league. The original name for bombers was Essendon and the logocomprise of the design of aeroplane in the centre. The colour combination of their logo are black, red and grey. They are named as bombers because of their bombastic performances during the hard times. If you are a fan of bombers from AFL then you can show your support towards this team by buying the clothes wear or football that has the same appearance and quality as that of bombers afl merchandise in melbourne.


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