The Good And The Bad About The Steel Doors


Steel doors are usually meant for guarding commercial sites of all kinds. Conventionally the doors were made out of wood and fiberglass. The growth of technology and experimentation has given birth too many other materials. It is now possible to get the strongest security doors for commercial sites like the metal-clad doors in melbourne. The steel doors fall under this category. Here is the information that will let you know about the essential features of the steel doors that make one of the best types of commercial doors.

Steel doors, the new way of protection

While talking of the steel door, it is important to remember that it does not mean that they are made of solid steel. They are made out of polyurethane or polystyrene core covered with the steel covering at the top. These doors are comparatively heavier, and at times if they are not chosen carefully, they can rip away the hinges. The skin of such doors is made with steel that is said to measure 16 and 24 gauge.

For further securing such doors, a stile or wooden frame is added around the door. Thus, in the end, the core cannot be seen. As steel is a good conductor, you will expect low and high temperatures to be conducted through these doors. This, at times, can be a downside of the steel doors.

Uses of steel doors

Metal-clad doors made with steel are just right for the indoors and outdoors. Due to the heavy construction, they are the best as the entry doors. Besides being part of the commercials, you can use them for domestic purposes like separating the homes and the garages.

The good and the bad


  • It is hard to damage the outer cover of the doors due to the extra strength. The steel skin on the exterior helps in resisting all kinds of breakage and damages.
  • The 20 gauge steel skin can withstand fire and heat for a considerable period. Make sure that you are getting the fire-rated steel door.


  • It is not a DIY thing to install. It requires professional help for the installation, which can be extra expensive.
  • Once it gets scratches, it is hard to find a remedy to it.