Reasons To Choose Divorce Mediation

In divorce mediation, you and your spouse meet with a mediator to resolve the issues in your divorce and discuss what’s best for your children. Some issues discussed include the distribution of assets, child support, taxes, and child custody. A mediator doesn’t make any decisions rather facilitates the spouses to conclude, and end their marriage in an organized manner. After the decisions are made, a mediator drafts a divorce settlement agreement.

You can go for mediation before or even after the divorce,a divorce mediation in melbourne will be helpful during mediation. It has several advantages such as it is cost-efficient and less expensive in comparison to atrial. It is a confidential process and there is no public record of what is going on in your sessions. You are free to choose your ideas andwhat is better for everyone, rather than a solution forcefully being imposed on you based upon laws. You and your spouse control the overall process and mediation also involves a lot of communication which prevents further conflicts. Mediation makes the overall divorce easier and much faster. A lot of money is saved from the attorney’s fees and the trials as well.

Who should and shouldn’t consider mediation:

Mediation can work for most couples but not for everyone. It might not be for you.

  • If you have been a victim of domestic abuse, mediation isn’t for you. In such a situation you should seek help from an expert lawyer.
  • If your spouse is not trustworthy and has been lying, then the mediation process will not be a success for you. You won’t be able tonegotiateproperly; it will simply be a waste of time.
  • If one of the spouses delays the proceedings, mediation cannot be carried out smoothly and you cannot conclude.
  • If your spouse has hired a lawyer, you should hire an expert lawyer as well, he will help in deciding if the mediation process will be worth it or not.
  • If you do not face any of the above circumstances, then mediation is the best way for you because in such cases both the spouses are ready to compromise and come to a conclusion to end their marriage in an organized manner.

The mediation process

Before starting the process you should give background information regarding your marriage and the issues in your divorce. Mediation sessions are usually held in an office. Some mediators meet everyone in the same room while others may meet the two spousesseparately. Successful mediation requires compromise, listening,and understanding your spouse’s point of view. After the negotiations are done, and the divorce-related issues are solved,the negotiator will write down the agreementor any parenting plan.