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weigh belt feeder

The weigh belt feeder ensures continuous feeding of bulk products.

This dosing infrastructure makes sure that any gravity-flowing substance that passes through a given feeding hopper is simultaneously extracted and weighed. weigh belt feeder has been specifically created for use in the dosing, single or double regulation dosage, fertilizer production, farming, concrete, steel, mining, and other activity sectors

This weigh belt feeder doser has a continuous weighing scale built into the conveyor as well as a belt speed gauge. Depending on the application and product performance, these measurements have a maximum accuracy range when used to compute the flow rate. This weigh belt feeder doser can be used to deliver single-product dosing at constant or variable set points or multi-product dosing.

Weigh Belt Feeders are bendy sufficient to deal with an extensive kind of dry substances from powders to big pellets. It is designed to offer long time accuracy consistency and repeatability, which is mainly essential with regard to the overall performance of any weigh feeder or conveyor. Each weighs belt feeder may be tailored in period and width to fulfill any particular necessities of specific customers.

The weigh belt feeders may be furnished with difficult or flat belts. The nicely designed creation defends the size from any adverse effects worrying the excessive accuracy weighing.


1: Easy operation and maintenance.

2: It has lengthy running lifestyles and excessive reliability.

3: Automatic belt tensioning device.

4: Simple and speedy readjustment with check weight.

The functionality of Weigh Belt Feeder

 Our weigh belt feeder is used to manipulate the float of bulk solids. A digital controller will calculate the mass rate and derive variables primarily based totally on the weight. We’ve been given a weigh belt feeder to optimize your operational float regardless of what enterprise you’re operating in. Weigh belt feeders are the appropriate accompaniment to different tactics needing completely automatic bagging strains and automatic bulk bag filling systems. A weigh belt feeder will make sure your operation runs in premier condition. Utilizing the suitable weigh belt feeder guarantees that the precise quantity of material feeds into every procedure run. Weigh belt feeders may be absolutely customized to fit your business applications. Our professionals will assist you to discover the excellent weigh belt feeder in your manufacturing device with the aid of using your strategies and figuring out appropriate options. Depending on the material you’re weighing, our team will recommend an excellent weigh belt feeder for you.

What is Weigh feeder?

A specially designed equipment called a weigh feeder is used for continuous volume proportioning of solids. This feeder’s closed-loop control system allows for controlled feeding and exerts fine control over the rate of flow based on a weight integrator.

By adjusting the belt conveyor speed, weigh feeders may control or manage the flow rate as well as measure the flow of material. With the aid of our Constant value-based Weight Transmitter, which is specifically configured for use in weigh feeding, the same can be completed automatically. The desired flow rate can be set on our controller; the rest will be handled by our intelligent controller, which will detect an Underload or Overload and adjust the belt’s speed accordingly.

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