Heading To Thailand This Summer? Read Our Essential Travel Tip Before You Get There

Thailand is a whole deal, exotic holiday spot and a ton of people over prepare for this trip, acting like they are headed to visit an outsider world. Relax! Try not to stress! There truly is no compelling reason to overdo you holiday plans. There are ATMS, Seven Elevens, shopping centers, drug stores, cabs and English speakers all around. Other than getting a couple of vaccinations a month prior and wearing bug repellent just before head into the wild and every night – there truly isn’t anything you have to do other than book your flight and pack your stuff. Just read those this tips before you land in Thailand. Click here for honeymoon packages for Phuket.

Thailand is a tropical country with temperatures going from 23 – 38 degrees relying upon which month you visit. Not only it is pretty how, weather in Thailand can be pretty humid. Try to avoid visiting during the April, which is considered to be the hottest month. The perfect time to travel is from November to February as the temperatures become fairly sane and the air isn’t crazily humid. Rainy season falls from June to October, however don’t let it affect your plans. It doesn’t rain constantly and you can get amazing deals on luxury hotel in Phuket and air tickets during this time of the year. Regardless of whether you love being sun soaked or not, wear sun cream to secure your skin and remember to stay hydrated.

Thailand is a shopping paradise, but not all shopping options entertain bargaining. If you are at Chatuchak or the floating market go ahead and bargain, but if you are shopping at a mall, you will have to pay the price in the tag. When in Thailand you will find many outdoor markets that sell craft items, clothes, food and various other things. And it’s usually accepted to bargain with venders before you buy a particular item, so don’t settle at the initial price quoted. Also be respectful when refusing the price quoted. Also watch out for sales at malls. If you prefer to shop in the comfort of an air conned mall, MBK or the Central World are certainly for you! Not only will they have amazing items at a bargain price, but also a range of different restaurants to grab a bite while shopping.

Like any other country, Thailand has its own particular principles, traditions and culture. Many in Thailand are predominately Buddhists so if you are planning to visit temples, ensure you dress properly by covering your shoulders and knees and removing your shoes before you enter, if it happens to be a working temple, which is the case in many instances, you must behave appropriately and with respect. Also try to cover up when you step out from the pool area or eave the beach, especially if you are in Phuket or Ko Tao, as majority in these islands are Muslims.