Irrigation Mistakes To Look Out For In Your Garden

Many home owners and even corporates are turning towards getting irrigation systems installed in order to ensure that the gardens in their properties remains well tended to at all times. It greatly reduces hassle for anybody who has a garden and struggles to find the time to maintain it regularly. While getting a system installed is a good decision and can really take a burden off of your shoulders, there are some mistakes that are commonly seen while these systems are installed. Here are some of them that you can easily avoid. Inadequate coverageThere are areas referred to as head zones in reticulation controllers Perth. These are the areas that an irrigation head can reach. If measured incorrectly or if the wrong equipment has been purchased, some areas of your garden will not receive water at all. Therefore watch out and buy the right gear and measure the areas correctly. If at all you have made a mistake in your calculations, it will be worthwhile to replace the irrigation head rather than install another system for areas that do not get watered. Not having variable settingsThe trees, shrubs and so on in your garden do not need as much water as the lawn will need. This is because the former has larger roots and can absorb better. If you have the same settings for both the lawn and the rest of the garden, you are bound to waste a lot of water which will not help your utility bill either. Have the right settings on or better yet get the help of a commercial reticulation Perth specialist to get the needful done accurately. Incorrect timingMost people feel that it is best to give their gardens a drink during the times when the sun is high. This is incorrect. Watering plants in harsh sunlight will increase the rate of evaporation which means that ultimately very little water will be left for the roots to absorb. You will be wasting water. The same is true for times when the winds are strong because the spray of water will get carried elsewhere. Watering them at night puts your garden at high risk for decay and fungi because the plants will be wet all through the night. The best time to start the watering process is early in the morning when none of the above problems can have a negative impact. Not having a “rain shutoff” mechanism Gardens and lawns do not need watering everyday o during some times of the year such as winter or during the rainy season. Not having this mechanism installed into your irrigation system means that you will be wasting at least fifteen percent more money that you can easily save with a rain shutoff system. To learn more about irrigation and reticulation, please click here.