Meeting Your Old Friends

We all grow up and life takes control. Responsibilities surge in to our lives and we slowly lose frequent touch of friends. What use to be meeting almost every day become meeting every weekend to monthly then barely meeting? When your gang meets up after a very long the feeling is mutual and nostalgic and you just don’t know what to do, where to meet. Because often you will think maybe now they are not into games and the things you guys use to do back then. Well for a fact everyone has grown but somethings never change.

First organize a get together of old friends. Your old gang it can come in any form. A good dinner in the form of an outdoor BBQ will be ideal.

Find yourself an electric BBQ and get started. You call in those who can come in early to help set it up if you want some help that is. Getting together of old friends is nothing but joy to not only you but everyone.

First thing you guys are going to start talking about how everyone is and at the back of your mind you will be checking if he or she is still same old friend that you use to hang out with. Well, when it comes old friends they change only physically and their lifestyle but deep down they will always be your stupid friend who did all those crazy things with you.

There will times when all of you will randomly keep saying that, “Time sure has flown by.” Yes, sadly it does. Don’t be disheartened by awkward silences in your group once in a while. You guys met after ages and it is sometimes hard to digest the fact that it has been that very long.

You will start talking about so many things like what you guys did at school and how it would feel like if you guys did the same thing now. Everyone will have done a lot of things their life and you will be very happy with the success in their lives for those who have not you will be as encouraging as possible.

Recalling back in time when life was easier and you can go to the places where you guys used to hangout The rooftop of one your houses, maybe? With small talks about embarrassing fights and crushes you had back then.

All in all the time gap of life will never change anything in your friendship and you know that. It will always be as if it was just yesterday you guys last met.